Best of 2006

During 2006 we were able to make 3 major photographic trips - traveling to multiple areas in Florida in March, a spectacular adventure in the Galapagos Islands in September, with another successful Photo Safari to Costa Rica in December. We have been to Florida numerous times, but it never fails to disappoint, and we had an especially good time photographing the Osprey at Blue Cypress Lake. The Galapagos trip was unparalleled, seeing such a wide variety of new species of birds and other wildlife, many of which are found only in these very isolated islands. And we had a wonderful group of 10 photographers travel with us to Costa Rica, and along with probably the best guide we've had so far, we had an awesome time touring the country, enjoying its people, land and wildlife.

I have below a selection of 16 of my favorite images from 2006, which I hope you will enjoy!

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Osprey in Flight 2

Osprey Head-on

Great Blue Heron Profile

Double-crested Cormorant Headshot

Purple Gallinule

Fur Seal

Galapgos Penguin 2

Blue-footed Boobie

Magnificent Frigatebird Chick 1

Nazca Boobies Courting

Swallow-tailed Gull 2

Broad-billed Motmot

White-necked Jacbon in Flight

Green Violet-Ear in Flight

Lizard Eating Frog

Squirrel Monkey 3